We are a highly proficient travel management atelier, where you can order a custom-designed trip for either business or leisure. With a classic approach and a personal touch, we take pride in diversifying the pattern of contemporary travel management. Our new pilot project,, offers our proprietary, carefully selected and tested, ready-to-go itineraries. The beauty of it: each itinerary is amendable and always excludes a crowded environment.

Since 1996, we have specialized in American and European destinations, and now we are going beyond: our new service,, is specifically designed for this purpose.

Our current choice of carefully selected and customized packages includes trips to more than 40 countries, such as the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Slovenia, Russia, and Croatia. Each package has been tested first-hand by our staff and by our extensive clientele.

We can manage your trip from start to finish, and will be there at any given moment if anything ever goes wrong: our US-based customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in cases of flight delays, unplanned schedule changes, and other emergencies, and we will do everything possible to help you in any situation. We also offer enhanced consular services in the US and Europe and provide visa support and passport services.

We offer our business clients a special program, One-stop Solution for Corporate Travel. We do know that properly organized travel is key to the success of a meeting, a road show, or a round of negotiations. offer is an alternative solution for sophisticated travelers and newcomers who prefer to diversify their experience by not choosing one of the giants of the travel industry but rather someone smaller yet able to provide a personalized scenario. And one more thing: we “speak human.” (with no chatting, blogging or botting) welcomes fresh ideas from professional travel facilitators and guides. Please contact us, and we will be glad to jointly develop and offer to the travel community the ever-best 1000 tours!

Currently, we are working on our new Tours Catalog and will publish it very soon. Please subscribe for our newsletters and promotions and we will keep you posted.


Real Value

Our operation budget consists of the cost of your handpicked itineraries and covers our exclusive management services. This cost is not inflated by expensive marketing tools, annoying ads, or dubious ratings. Nothing more! These two things help us to make our product competitive and with the real value and no hidden costs. The word of mouth is the best advertisement and a undoubtful proof of an impeccable reputation.

Most Inclusive and Amendable

We stand ready to provide any activities or backup services you need: an extra visa, a “zero-gravity” flight, or a visit to the opera. We will prepare for you the most inclusive package that will comprise all the needed logistics and detail every step of your journey. Whatever your itinerary, it is always open for customization.

Always Active,
Guided and Never Crowded

Our itineraries are always filled with a busy schedule. Whether you are going to Heli Ski, mountain-bike, or sail, it will be within your private party or in a small group up of up to eight. Never crowded, always guided.

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