Who We Are

cEventa specializes in business travel and corporate-event facilitation services. We have been in the field for 20 years – with a proven track record of success.

If you are looking for a firm capable of providing top-notch, custom-tailored travel and event services, cEventa provides the solutions. We serve a diverse, international clientele, which represents the following business areas:

  • Executive Education
  • Law and Finance
  • Humanitarian and Special Missions
  • IT and Engineering

Our team has in-depth expertise in providing services to professionals from these and other industries. Our experience includes global travel and corporate-event management in multinational environments. We have accumulated an impressive portfolio of professional achievements in this particular field.

cEventa has an intimate knowledge of various travel venues in over 40 countries. We have built a unique network with dozens of partners around the world, and we hone it with the most attentive care to the benefit of our clients.

What We Do

Our company is a one-stop shop, where customers receive bespoke, ready-to-go itineraries, managed by our firm in accordance with your needs, from inception to completion of your business event.


  • Full management and 24/7 support of travel cases
  • Domestic and international air travel
  • Accommodation and event arrangements worldwide
  • Comprehensive international travel insurance
  • Full visa and consular services worldwide
  • Interpreting and translation services
  • Airport transfers, car rentals, and supplemental transportation


Our business-to-business relationships are based on direct interaction with the travelling professionals or their representatives. We reduce the need to use interactive software.

This kind of software is certainly useful when it comes to after-travel reporting or document processing, and we do use it for these purposes. But it often causes confusion and can turn a trip into a nightmare when returns or exchanges have to be made.

Moreover, there are no machines that entirely satisfy the requirements and peculiarities of any business or individuals using a “one-size-fits-all” matrix.

Tastes and needs differ: for instance, patterns applied to leisure travel rarely work for a business itinerary, and what a customer from Japan requests differs greatly from what a British client would normally expect.

Our company’s approach of working DIRECTLY and PERSONALLY with the client rules out any possible miscommunication or glitches that typically happen in a totally computerized world of travel industry and ensures that client expectations are fully met, no matter how diverse they are.

Further, it is quite common that business-travel plans require last-minute itinerary changes or other possible amendments, and you will certainly appreciate our experience and efficiency in dealing with this kind of situations.

At Your Service


  • Personal Concierge service throughout your travel case: booking of any travel venues, amendments or alterations of your itinerary due to changes in your travel plans, flight delays or cancellations, etc.
  • Affordable and reasonable prices that fit your budget, with no additional booking fees (except regional airlines).
  • 365/24/7 Live Customer Service support, liaison with our risk-management team and consular authorities.
  • Access to complimentary upgrades to larger rooms at designated hotels.
  • Cost-effectiveness, full and timely reporting

Our efficiency stems from twenty years of experience in creating custom-tailored itineraries for multi-task assignments. cEventa utilizes a unique network of business partners around the world and typically can offer first-hand knowledge of services and accommodations offered. This is how we create optimal itineraries that fit your time and budget.

Our operations are primarily based on commission paid by the travel industry: we never charge special fees for the creation of customized itineraries – something lots of others do. We do have some exceptions: for example, we retain service fees needed to cover the cost of processing visa and passport documents through official channels, ticketing with small, regional airlines, or other irregular transportation costs.

In addition to assistance with budget evaluation and creating the most cost-efficient itineraries, we also provide pre- and posttravel reporting. An accurate itinerary and a final statement will always be at your fingertips. Once a year, we will provide you with an annual report and data analysis of your summarized expenses. It will help you with your future planning of travel expenditures and suggest some useful saving patterns.


As a loyalty reward for our corporate clients, we can enroll you in our MatchMiles pool, where we will match every dollar paid directly to cEventa with a point: it allows you to accumulate benefits on your corporate account.

This will apply to any type of booking or service arranged through our company and will be cumulative for any employee or client of your company traveling with our assistance. Such points are redeemable for air travel and hotel accommodation and are collected on top of any other third-party miles/reward programs. The terms and conditions of our MatchMiles pool are similar to the terms and conditions of other loyalty programs.

In summary, why cEventa?

  • Boutique approach that emphasizes quality over quantity
  • 20 years on the market, extensive experience and professional expertise
  • 40 countries where our company has managed business itineraries and arranged meetings
  • Valuable advice with respect to cost-saving and convenience
  • B2B personalized service and attentive client care
  • Unique network of local partners on a global scale
  • Trusted by clients and business partners alike
  • Customer loyalty appreciated and rewarded


Still have some questions or need more information?

We are pleased to be at your disposal. Feel free to contact us at any time: send us a message or call us and schedule a consultation if needed.

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