The following types of the visas are available for processing: private tour, tourism and business. The consular and supplemental fees for visa processing fluctuate and depend of a time frame available for processing prior to the anticipated departure. Business visas require considerably more time for processing, and it’s a subject for an additional overseas procedure and approval from the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Diplomatic mission. The provision of the visas is not mandatory for the consular authorities. In some cases, the time frames for processing are subject to change and will be determined individually. The consular and visa fees are non-refundable; the dates of travel and validation of the visas are not changeable. The fees for a denied visa are non-refundable.

All travellers are subject for an additional inspection at the port of entry and subsequent registration upon arrival to the destination. The registration fee for stays over 72 hours of approximately $ 4 – 7 is not included in these estimates and must be paid locally. The payment for consular services by cEventa is acceptable with credit cards only.

Validation for a visa is from 30 days to 3 years depending on type the application.

Type of visa Time of processing Visa Fees
1 Single Entry
Regular or Advance processing
10-20 days
3-5 days
$ 239
$ 390
2 Double Entry
Regular or Advance processing
10-20 days
3-5 days
$ 325
$ 545
3 Urgent processing
single, double or multi entry
(limited availability, call for details)
1-3 day from $ 750
4 Business Visas 5-6 Weeks from $ 385
4 Specialty Business Visa
(entrepreneur, legal, official)
5-7 days $ 950

All of the above estimates include a service fee ($ 40-80 per visa for standard or $ 140 for expedited or urgent processing), an official invitation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, banking charges and supplemental international deliveries. The above mentioned fee schedule is an estimate, and is subject to change, according to the particularities of each case processing. Business visas are subject for processing under special regulations: please call for details.

Supplemental courier fees will be added automatically, accordingly to requested service, (from $ 37 per shipment). The initialization of visa process requires the submission of the following documents:

  1. US Passport with validation for a minimum of 6 months from the estimated return date
  2. Two photos
  3. Visa application
  4. Travel form
  5. Credit card form
  6. Tickets and travel documents

With any questions please call our visa specialist: (617) 369-7775 or email Mail@cEventa.com

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