Welcome to cEventa! We are a management company that specializes in arranging and implementing custom-made educational programs, finding optimal venues and itineraries for our clients, and providing event facilitation.

Ever since its inception in 1996, our company has followed its stated commitment to a personalized approach to each’s client’s unique needs. We always handle every assignment from start to finish, and your satisfaction is always our priority number one. This simple formula has brought us the respect of industry leaders and the loyalty of our client base.

Whether you need to travel to a meeting with a distant client, organize a training, or put together a corporate event, we are confident that we will be able to offer you the best possible solution that fits your budget.

What We Do


We manage a wide array of upswing and enhancing educational programs both for corporate and individual clients, for adults and children, for active or prospective businesses. Always in a small-group setting, always personalized.

We partner with colleges to provide easy-to-use learning centers for students and employ new and existing technologies to improve their academic achievement.



We are a highly proficient travel management atelier, where you can order a custom-designed trip for either business or leisure. With a classic approach and a personal touch, we take pride in diversifying the pattern of contemporary travel management. Our new pilot project, 1000.tours, offers our proprietary, carefully selected and tested, ready-to-go itineraries. The beauty of it: each itinerary is amendable and always excludes a crowded environment.



Preparing for a milestone event with multiple participants, large or unfamiliar audiences, and distinguished speakers can be a daunting task. Our seasoned event consultants can work with you from the very inception of your event to the closing remarks, ensuring high attendance, timely commencement, and gathering of feedback post-closing. We will work with your plans to suggest venues that best fit your budget, your schedule, and a geographic location that is the most convenient for all participants.



20+ Years in Business

cEventa has a proven track record of success: more than two decades of unique, diverse experience in managing and operating programs with a personalized approach and full-cycle implementation.

40+ Countries

Our company has managed business itineraries and arranged meetings in 40 countries. From business hubs of North America to alpine resorts in Europe – we’ll arrange and manage any activities or events anywhere you want to be.

100+ Customized Programs

We have handled over 100 custom-tailored events and private business meetings in the US and Europe, using a boutique approach that emphasizes quality over quantity. With us, you can always count on expert advice when it comes to cost-saving and convenience.

500 Clients around the World

Providing our clientele with à la carte business services over the years, we have earned the loyalty of several hundred clients and acquired an impeccable reputation. We are a modest-sized operation, but a very successful one due to our customized approach to each client and assignment.

1000 One-of-a-Kind Itineraries

Working with a unique network of local partners around the globe and utilizing the feedback provided by our clientele, we have devised and managed over a thousand travel venues and itineraries around the world. All of them have been personally tested and/or positively reviewed by travelers and attendees. We rely on real, human ratings, not robotically generated laudatory messages posted on social media or travel sites.

1,500 Visa and Passport Cases

We have earned the confidence of our clients and business partners in the field of document services and consular affairs. Our company successfully deals with problems concerning passports and visas for travel, documents required for educational exchange programs, medical paperwork needed for treatment abroad, etc. We are able to help our clients break through the red tape and get on the road to their destinations.

Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is always appreciated and rewarded: we do it with the help of tangible bonuses, not some magic “points” that never materialize. We award our clients with real, complementary hotel nights, superb upgrades, or additional services.

Investment, Not Just Spending

We offer our services as an investment in your future: your education, your business career, your better life. Your success will translate into our success – it’s that simple!

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