1. The amount indicated in your invoice, proposal or related correspondence will be charged to your credit card within 1- 3 business days upon the received approval. For multiple services we require to have an appropriate credit card authorization on file. The authorization of the charge of the card must be submitted by using the following link on our secure server. https://www.fleetforms.com/show/ceventa/credit-card-auth/ or printed from http://www.ceventa.com/stuff/forms/credit-cardauth.pdf and submitted by fax. This authorization will provide an ability to debit the credit card on file for the rendered or performed services and will remain in full force and effect until the conclusion of all transactions related to the services or product provided. Also, this authorization will remain in full force until it is suspended by a card holder by providing a written notice.

2. In some cases, credit card information could be taken over the phone, along with additional 3 or 4 digit verification numbers, which will be used instead of an actual or electronic signature of the card holder. If a payment is made through SelfService center, those numbers will not be saved in the system.

3. Self-Service payment option is available through the secured processing center of Intuit Small Business Center. In order to activate this feature, upon receipt of the invoice the client will have to update his/her profile using the secured link to Intuit Small Business Center with the credit card information, check the due invoice and submit the payment using the electronically generated secured link. Personalized accounts could be created by invitation email or using the following link:https://billpay.quickbooks.com/j/crm/63674155/account. This feature is available within one business day after the receipt of the invoice or proposal, which will be delivered by email. A Self-Service payment can be made by 5 pm US EST / 23.00 CET, otherwise the credit card on file will be billed automatically for the amount designated in the invoice or proposal.

4. Upon request, after the completion of the transaction and a posting the payment, an electronic copy of the estimate or invoice may be provided in recognition of the posted payment, by any of above means of communication.

5. Your credit card will be charged for the rendered services by our company and the charge will appear on your credit card statement as »CIC Consulting Group», or «cEventa». We reserve a right to share your credit card information with the service providers, such as airlines, hotels, rental car and shipment/delivery companies, etc., in the event that their services will be included into the original proposal, estimate or an invoice; in such cases the name of that merchant will appear on your credit card statement, and the charge will have same validation as if it was performed directly by our company.

6. The following types of payments are accepted:

6.1 Credit/ Debit cards: Visa, Master / Euro Card, American Express (limited) and Discover. Please note that processing of a foreign card may involve a small surcharge indicated in the bank and service fee schedule. Also, surcharges may apply if the payment is made with a card issued outside of the United States, or processed by an involved foreign third party (airlines, hotels, communication companies, etc.), or processed with a card with an award program. Please contact us for further details.

6.2 PayPal (limited). Please note that processing of this type of payment may require additional charges from PayPal, applicable to customers and merchant. The estimated service fee of PayPal is from 2 to 7%, or even higher. Please visit paypal.com or call us for more information.

6.3 Personal or bank checks issued by US Financial institution. All permanent and personal clients may get a special discount up to 1.0% of their direct invoice from our company for most of the rendered services. Some restrictions may apply. Please call us for more information.

6.4 International Wire transfer or an electronic transfer between US Financial institutions. In some cases international incoming transfers may be subject to a bank fee of $ 40 or € 40 per transfer.

6.5 Cash payment: in general, cash is not accepted in any currency, as a form of payment. For the amount lower than $ 10,000 and in some specific cases an exception may be made, but CIC Consulting will retain a bank fee of $ 20 or € 20 per deposit. Please call us for more information.

If a client is requesting to make reservations at a hotel, rental car company, restaurants, or any other partnering vendors, these merchants or our company may place a temporary authorization on your credit card account for the amount you would be charged if you were to cancel your reservation without notice or in case if you will have some supplemental expenses in the hotel, unpaid traffic violation, etc.

An additional authorization will be applicable, if the client will require an extension or additional services, such as an additional hotel night, an extra day for a rental car, extra time for personal interpreter, etc. In some cases, client’s credit card account could be checked for fund’s availability again, creating a temporary charge for an amount usually proportionally equivalent to the rate or fee for the requested service. This temporary charge will remain on the client’s account until the services are entirely completed, at which time the actual charges will be posted to your account and the temporary charges will be removed.

If any preauthorization will be made for the purpose of providing a security deposit, upon completion of the service the deposit will be refunded to the clients, except a minimal taxable surcharge of five percent. This preauthorization will automatically be cancelled within 5 or more business days, if not processed, with no further fees.


(Although all rendered services are included in an invoice, in some cases the following surcharges are applicable).

Late fee Late fee is applicable to all past due invoices;
Per billing cycle
$ 39
or € 35
MPR Monthly percentage rate, used for all past due invoices,
per month
Return check fee A fee for retuned personal or bank check or stop payment
per check
or €35
Retrieval fee Retrieval fee is applicable in cases where the provision of backed up documents is required, (6 months and older) in addition to originally provided processing documentation including invoices, statements, receipts, etc.; per document $6 or €5
Reconciliation fee Reconciliation or evaluation of the third party charges, from total amount 2.75%
Flat service rate Flat rate is applicable to non-standard services, and is applicable to all researches, special orders, personally requested assistance and any activities not described in the invoice, proposal or agreement. per hour $175
or €130
Mailing fees Shipping and handling fee by USPS Priority Mail, or similar a letter size, within US, from $15.00
Shipping and handling fee by Fedex overnight or second day service a letter size, within US, from $37.50
Surcharge for Saturday or morning deliveries, before 12 am, extra a letter size envelope within US, from $27.40
Same-date service and international deliveries are available. Please call us for additional information a letter size, within US, from $74.00


Chargeback fee I. Chargeback fee is applicable in cases where a customer was provided with all of the documentation related to the transaction, but disputed the charge with a bank/credit card provider. If the additional research/ response will be requested, an additional fee will be assessed according to the current per-hour rate. This charge will be placed to the clients’ account and non-refundable under any circumstances. $130
or €100
II. If you request a chargeback of the third party service, such as that of an airline, hotel or consulate, which are participating in the provision of the services to the client along with the Company, and thereby reverse a credit card charge or bank payment through your bank or credit card company, your case will be investigated by this vendor. Nevertheless, our accounting services must be contacted first and we will release any available information; otherwise the aforesaid charge back fee will be applied to the client’s account as well.
III. If you request a chargeback of any non-refundable Consulate or related service fees, reversing a credit card charge or bank payment through your bank or credit card company, the banks, as well as our company reserve a right to report such a case to the Consular authorities which adjudicated(-ing) the application, (with the charged back fee being used), which may result in the cancelation of the visa’s approval, or any other action connected with current and/or future applications for concerned individual(s).
Supplemental processing fee for foreign credit card Applicable to transactions, processed through a foreign credit card, issued outside of US, EU or Switzerland that are determined by the bank /credit card processor as non-qualified card. 1.5 — 2.5%
Flat credit card processing fee Applicable to transactions, processed as a reimbursement for expenses or as payment to the third party processor/ vendor (onlinepayment or key entered card ) (swiped cards) (these fees are applicable for indirect billing or due to the unavailability of the payment method or funds) 3.0 — 4.5%
1.9 — 3.0%
Foreign currency exchange fee Applicable to all transactions occurred by foreign service provider or business entity (including hotels, airlines, car rental, etc.) established or located in a country different than a country where the credit card is emitted. 2.5 — 4.75%
Claim fee A fee to initiate an insurance claim on your behalf; if the additional research/ response will be requested, an additional fee will be assessed according to the current per-hour rate. $50
or €40
Wire fee A fee for international wire transfer, per transfer. $25
or €20

The above fees are non-refundable and non-negotiable under any circumstances, unless specified differently in the original proposal or invoice.


Return client
One time credit will be applicable to a return client. Purchase of a multiple service package is required $30
or €25
Bank fee discount All permanent clients with a history of 3+ transactions are eligible for a special discount which will be applicable for most services provided by the company, in cases where payments are made through a US Financial institution, as a check payment or electronic transfer or direct deposit to the designated corporate account 0.75 — 1.75%
MatchMiles All permanent clients with a history of 10+ transactions are eligible for special MatchMiles loyalty program. Please call us for more information. $1 = 1 mile