By their very nature, art exhibits, performances, or trade shows, no matter how large or small, require meticulous preparation and a specialized approach to the audience, venue, and timing. Our specialists understand this and are ready to work with any artist, theater company, or institution on a daily basis to ensure the full amount of attention necessary for your event. If your project is to be implemented in a foreign country, cEventa will offer certified translation services and on-location support, including interpreters for any  of your employees traveling to a trade show or an exhibition. By using our translation and interpretation services you will guarantee full comprehension to your intended audience.

In addition to a full range of services available to our seminar and conference clients, cEventa Exhibits & Performances package can  provide the following benefits:

  • Basic  marketing
  • Media coverage of  the event
  • Transportation of artwork  and exhibit materials
  • Customs clearance of artwork and exhibit materials
  • Venue selection and preparation
  • Brochures, invitations, and videos
  • Web design and implementation
  • On-site support, including translation

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